The expert team for recent railway systems

The IFB Institut für Bahntechnik GmbH (Institute of Railway Technology) as a highly specialized engineering company provides a wide range of services in terms of consulting, design, engineering, research and development for modern railway systems. The mentality and the working methods of the about 40 IFB experts specialized on vehicle technology, drive and propulsion systems, power supply, signalling and operation control systems as well as engineering and project management is strongly multidisciplinary. Due to high requirements concerning results quality and flexibility at project work the IFB has reached not only a stable business development over 30 years but also an excellent customer satisfaction.

The IFB is present at two locations – Berlin and Dresden. The services offered by IFB are customized for the national market as well as for increasing international projects.

The exclusive IFB shareholder group completed by scientific cooperation agreements with universities in Berlin and Dresden ensure an excellent crosslinking within the railway branch, a high neutrality and an outstanding spirit of innovation.

Our service at a glance

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