The IFB: Organisation and track record

Heading the Institute are two well-known experts in railway technology: managers Andrzej Nuszkiewicz and Professor Arnd Stephan. Their team includes over 40 professional from all areas of railway technology, including electrical engineering, telecommunications, vehicle technology, and computer science.

IFB’s collaboration with the renowned technical universities in Berlin and Dresden ensures seamless information exchange with leading researchers. And in its business structure, IFB — comprised as it is of member partners from the railway industry, rail operators, consulting frms, and a fnancial institute — provides advantages that can be found nowhere else in the railway technology sector. This structure ensures a maximum of objectivity and independence, an important consideration for clients in the railway industry, suppliers, railway operators, service frms, associations, and all levels of government.

Over the years, selected investments in key engineering frms have increased the Institute’s range of rail technology services, both nationally and internationally. In 2005, IFB Rail Engineering Sp. z o. o. was established in Warsaw, thus building a bridge to the up-and-coming railway markets of Eastern Europe.

The Institute on Railway Technology is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


Dipl.-Ing. Andrzej Nuszkiewicz
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arnd Stephan

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